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Department - MIS



Our administration approach is based on the concepts declared below to get works done!

1. Open. Open relationships between agents and parties.
2. Free. Freedom of thought and speech in all processes.
3. Proactive. Getting work done proactively.
4. Creative. Making things as we dream.
5. Responsible and Accountable. Awareness of responsibilities of actions and obligations to report, explain, or justify processes.

Continuous Improvement

We are observing: Keeping eyes open for processes to improve.
We are listening: Getting feedback from you, in any case.
We are taking action: Put something forward, obsessively.

MIS Field Manual

From the Prologue of the MIS Field Manual:

In The Field Manual for the Members of the Department of Management Information Systems, reader can find various subjects which are related to departmental strategy and viewpoints, intrinsic workflows and approaches, implicit rules and regulations, current functions and actions.


We are currently working on new ideas and improvements to implement the department. Examples:

  • Activities ONGOING
    Open, free, proactive, and creative.
  • Knowledge Base UPCOMING
    Issue tracking. FAQ. Help. MIS essentials. Must read books.
  • Style Manual UPCOMING
    For homeworks, projects, theses.
  • Course Cards UPCOMING
    Beautiful cards. Course categories. Career info. Elective courses in MIS career.
    Creating value from wasted electronics. Renovation. Donation. For children.


Chair's Office

We have a virtual chair office with an actual chair.

Administrative Office

Department of Management Information Systems has no administrative office, we are communicating in the way of nature. Through smoke signals? Uhm, no.

Department Board

Department related issues are discussed in the Department Board Meeting which is holding one per month. Faculty members have rights to vote on decisions while we are seeking a consensus.

Administrative Groups

B1. Program Development
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Graduate programs
  • Curricula development
  • Course development and improvement
B2. Admissions
  • Rules and regulations about the program applications
  • Transferring student credits
  • Orientation for new students
B3. Connections
  • Academic advisers
  • Intern connections
  • Partner relations
  • Public relations